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Our History

Computers 2 SD Kids (C2SDK) was established in late 2004 by Larry Hershfield (the Chief Executive Officer of Hawaiian Holdings, Chairman of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and CEO of Ranch Capital) and his wife Tammy. Their goal was to establish a philanthropic endeavor that would help to reduce the digital divide, the disparity between people who have access to technology and those who don’t.

Through exposure to other kids in their community, the Hershfield’s began to realize that many children did not have equal access to computer technology. As they witnessed many of their friends replacing their computers with the “latest and greatest” they often wondered, “What happened to the old systems?” They knew that the old computers still worked, that most people don’t try to sell them since they aren’t worth much, and that the systems are made of materials that are not environmentally friendly and they wondered how they were being recycled?

Family receiving computer equipment and software

C2SDK was born...

Eventually the Hershfield’s decided that these systems would be best used toward providing technology to those in need. They knew that in a world that revolves around technology, the digital divide that existed within their community would continue to place many children and their families at a disadvantage, during their school years and beyond. It was this thought that made the Hershfield’s start Computers 2 San Diego Kids (C2SDK).

Today, C2SDK goes far beyond merely collecting, recycling and refurbishing computers from individuals but now works with many large corporations and effectively takes their old systems and repurposes them by giving them to San Diego families in need.

C2SDK responds to this digital disparity and the real-world demand for computer literacy through its Technology Assistance Program that recycles and refurbishes used computers and delivers them to families in need. C2SDK also provides each recipient with education, training and technical support necessary to achieve success.

Celebrating 10 years at C2SDK

celebrating 10 years at c2sdk