Recycling Program

Why Recycling Makes a Difference?

C2SDK believes it’s critical that we reduce computer waste, which comprises about 23 million tons of garbage that is generated each year. Although some of the metals, glass and plastics in many electronics are indeed recyclable, more than 70% ends up in landfills in Asian and West African Countries. C2SDK also strongly believes that the estimated 30 to 40 million PCs that are recycled annually, most still in working condition, could be better used by refurbishing them and giving them to the 28% of San Diego homes without access to technology. In a world that revolves aggressively around technology, the technological shortfall within our community would continue to place these deserving children and their families at a disadvantage, during their school years and beyond.

Why recycle?Long-term storage is not the answer

In 2007, the U.S. EPA estimated that 65.7 million desktop computers, 42.4 million computer monitors and 2.1 million laptop computers were in storage, not being used, costing their owners thousands of dollars in unnecessary storage fees each year.

C2SDK can provide corporations and individuals with a green alternative to their technology storage and disposal needs. Additionally, donors get the added value of providing needed technology that has been traditionally denied to low-income families.