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C2SDK has a challenging mission to bring technology into the homes of thousands of San Diego families, we need donors like you to support all of our volunteer efforts!

Each computer that we can bring to a family provides resources and opportunities to a child for learning, growth and development!

Every day laptops and desktops around the country are sitting idly on shelves or ending up in landfills.

Though the recycling efforts we have kept nearly 1 million pounds of electronic waste out of landfills.

It’s a win for children, families & our environment!

C2SDK Recycles,

Used computers are recycled by C2SDK providing individuals and corporations with a socially responsible and green alternative to disposing of electronic waste.

Learn about our green computer recycling program.

Refurbishes and

Used hard drives are wiped clean (by data security standards) and reloaded with essential software that allows recipients to have access to key resources.

Learn about our computer refurbishing program.


C2SDK responds to the digital disparity and real-world demand for computer literacy through a comprehensive technical assistance program.

Learn how you can make a difference for those in need.